Fabrisonic named “2012 Outstanding Startup Business”






On Thursday February 7, central Ohio gathered at the annual TechColumbus Innovation Awards.  Twenty-eight Ohio businesses were nominated for the “2012 Outstanding Start-up Business” award which recognizes high-perfomance companies established within the last 5 years.  Fabrisonic was first runner up in this category last year, and this year we were able to bring home the award.  We are honored to be named as the winner of this prestigious award considering all of the great technology companies growing in around Columbus.

Fabrisonic Board Member, Jim Tighe, accepts on behalf of the Fabrisonic team

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  1. Tim Maloney February 22, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

    Hello Mark,
    Very interesting technology
    The device being studied is a 1cm cube consisting of three intimately joined horizontal layers (we will make/provide the powder), each a different half-Heusler alloy.
    Half–Heuslers exist in 22 different alloys made of three metals each. Examples: titanium nickel tin: aluminum vanadium iron and 20 other combinations.
    Can I lower the temperature via dwell, power or other to achieve “low temp sintering” of these materials to build a device 1 cm cube?
    Our definition of low temp is not more than 50% of the melting point of the alloy. 350C is a good target.
    Even lower temperatures would be interesting for finding the “sweet spot” of resulting electrical performance.
    Would you be able to take a guess what percent of voids (porosity) that level of sintering might produce.
    Very interesting electronic application.

    Most interesting. Any observations appreciated.
    With apology, Is it possible to get a rapid reply
    Tim Maloney
    540 465-4321

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