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  1. Jerome F Meyer November 9, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    I learned of Fabrisonic several months ago and we talked briefly about the process at that time. I am interested in learning more about the process and how this company can make opportunities by creating a relationship with either Fabrisonic or Solidica or both. I would like to bring our Weld Engineer Mike Spodar and our Engineering Manager Nate Wenning for a visit.
    I wish to approach this from several angles.
    1. I would like to purchase a 4000 or 7200 machine to start manufacturing parts
    2. I would also like to learn what any opportunities there may be for this company to manufacture the machines for Fabrisonic using our overseas resources to control cost.
    3. We have customers that are communicating to us that they would like for us to atart moving towards manufacturing their production fixtures by applying additive manufacturing technology.
    4. We service several Fortune Two Hundred companies with our Friction Welders and that has opened the door for us to bring other supporting technology into these companies that would enhance the manufacturing solutions we provide. We have the solid relationships required to introduce and integrate this technology into the custom equipment we engineer and build.
    I plan to make an appointment with to set down and discuss the process and pursue the outlined questions. This company was founded in 1956, and I have owned the company sense 1976. There are many questions that need to be answered before we can purchase a machine, but I suspect that the part integrity will meet our requirements in supporting a variety of companies that compete with the likes of GE Aviation, GE Energy, Ford, Honda, Whirlpool, and Alcoa.
    Based on ongoing discussions with customers, the sooner we can meet the better in order to favorably position ourselves inside these companies internal conversations.


    Jerome Meyer
    Coldwater Machine Company LLC
    911 North Second Street
    Coldwater, Ohio 45828
    Phone: 419-678-4877, Ext. 204
    Mobile: 419-305-4800

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